Episode 14: How to Navigate a Marriage after a Faith Transition with Monica and John English

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Katie Langston interviews Monica and John English about their experiences after Monica transitioned away from the LDS church to join Community of Christ, while John remains a committed LDS member. They talk about how they find love and understanding as … Continued

Episode 12: Exploring Restoration Heritage and Community of Christ Distinctives

Join Brittany as she sits down with Apostle Barbara Carter and Director of Finance/Presiding Bishopric Member Designate Michele McGrath as they discuss the unique heritage that blossomed in the restoration and continues to guide Community of Christ today. They discuss … Continued

Episode 7: God, the Divine Feminine, and Women in Ministry

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Join Robin Linkhart, Brittany Mangelson, and Katie Langston as they respond to the LDS church’s recent essays on women and priesthood and Heavenly Mother. The panel draws on concepts from both the Restoration and the broader Christian tradition to explore … Continued