Episode 103: Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Heidi Vawdrey

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Join us for a recorded presentation on depression and anxiety from Dr. Heidi Vawdrey. Heidi is an LDS friend of the Salt Lake City congregation and presented this material on January 17th 2018. Please note the PowerPoint slides attached and feel free to follow along as Heidi walks us through them.

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2 Responses

  1. Brian Bresee

    An excellent presentation on anxiety, good job Dr. Vawdrey.

    But at the same time I am deeply concerned when Utah’s mental health professionals sidestep discussion that is badly needed on the issue of teen suicide in Utah. Why are subjects like unchecked bullying in a LDS setting, interviews that promote devastating shame and self loathing, teachings and policy that promote a culture of hate for those born different, and threats of discipline and damaged social networks for those who simply share a different viewpoint, not mentioned while exploring teen suicide in Utah.

    Those from an LDS background already know the answer to my question. Utah children will continue to die from suicide at increased rates until the elephant is removed from room so that a full discussion on teen suicide in Utah can be had.

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