Episode 49: Temples in Community of Christ Heritage with Bethany Lloyd

Join Brittany as she talks to Bethany Lloyd about temples in Community of Christ. Bethany lived in the Sidney Rigdon home in Kirtland and also lived in Independence while the temple there was being built. Brittany and Bethany share personal insights and stories about what temples mean to them.

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2 Responses

  1. M. Richard Troeh

    I really enjoyed this podcast with 2 wonderful women, Brittany and Bethany, in conversation that gave me some mind-expanding concepts to improve my own guiding (interpretation) at both the Kirtland and Independence temples. I particularly appreciate Bethany’s pointing out that Community of Christ’s temples are for inclusiveness and developing community, in addition to promoting individuals’ spiritual growth.

  2. Grace Andrews

    Brittany – thank you so much for this interview with a person who admits to not being a World Church leader, but more or less from the grass roots of the church. It was very insightful with personal testimonies about the leading of the Holy Spirit, from both of your unique perspectives and origins. You are doing a great work. Keep it up. You never know who will be touched and influenced to look deeper because of these podcasts.