Episode 54: Nancy Ross

Join Brittany as she talks to Nancy Ross about her feminist awakening within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that led her to study the history of the church and to become one of the original members of the Ordain Women movement with its launch to further seek dialogue with church leaders about the possibility of women’s ordination into their priesthood. Listen as she recounts her struggles and heartbreak within that cause that led to her eventual break with the LDS church after their November 5, 2015 policy banning membership of same-sex married couples and their children. She then inquired to get Community of Christ leadership to Saint George to start a pilot congregation. She recounts her journey with that. Nancy was confirmed a member of Community of Christ last Sunday December 11, 2016. Enjoy this listen!

You can visit and listen to her podcast with Rob at www.faithtransitions.com

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  1. Russ Pirie

    This was a wonderful episode. I really appreciate how Nancy helped me to understand her faith transition and that it was a very similar experience for Brittany when she had her faith transition. Thank you so much for sharing!