Episodes 97 & 98: Steve Shields Interview

In this episode Josh talks to Steve Shields about his upbringing in the LDS church and what led him to the RLDS church in the early eighties.¬†Josh then goes on to talk to Steve about his service in Community of Christ, his duties being involved in correlation for the church, and how daunting of a task that is with diversity of cultures and beliefs. All this ties in to Steve’s book and ongoing interest since high school about the divergent paths of the restoration.

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2 Responses

  1. Ruth Goldstrom Anger

    I have resisted taking time to listen to any of the Zion podcasts because I don’t have good feelings about the early church’s fixation on gathering to “Zion”, the “one true church” concept and the whole 50’s Sunday school focus on Joseph Smith in the grove. Somewhere in my travels in the church, I met Steven Shields and I remembered that he was someone I would like to hear more from. Because I knew of him, I listened to the two parts and I was reminded of the discussions we had at seminary about church history. I am interested in the relationships of the various restoration groups. It is good to have some perspective of how our church fits into history, in the same way that we study how the Bible and the Jews fit into the history of their times. The podcast was informative and insightful and I appreciate hearing it as I find myself always seeking a greater depth of understanding than is generally available at our local congregations away from Independence.

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