Episode 80: Different Philosophical Approaches to Religion – A Response to Radio Free Mormon

Join Josh Mangelson in this episode as he works off another episode from Radio Free Mormon discussing two different philosophical approaches to religion. You may be able to listen without listening to the episode referenced from Radio Free Mormon, however, … Continued

Episode 64: Bible and Empire

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Join Katie Langston as she interviews Dr. Cameron Howard about reading the Bible through the lens of Empire. How does understanding political context–both ancient and contemporary–affect the way we read the Bible? Discover how in many ways the Bible is … Continued

Episode 19: Faith, Activism, and Courage with Dr. Vivian Jenkins-Nelsen

Join Katie Langston as she interviews Dr. Vivian Jenkins-Nelsen, a social worker, scholar, and anti-racism activist from Minneapolis who was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from Barack Obama. Vivian shares her remarkable faith journey: growing up as the daughter … Continued

Episode 14: How to Navigate a Marriage after a Faith Transition with Monica and John English

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Katie Langston interviews Monica and John English about their experiences after Monica transitioned away from the LDS church to join Community of Christ, while John remains a committed LDS member. They talk about how they find love and understanding as … Continued

Episode 13: An Interview with Linda Booth, President of Community of Christ’s Council of 12

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Join Brittany as she interviews Linda Booth, the president of Community of Christ’s Council of Twelve. Linda talks about her experience being called to the Council of Twelve and then being chosen as the president. She also shares insights about … Continued

Episode 12: Exploring Restoration Heritage and Community of Christ Distinctives

Join Brittany as she sits down with Apostle Barbara Carter and Director of Finance/Presiding Bishopric Member Designate Michele McGrath as they discuss the unique heritage that blossomed in the restoration and continues to guide Community of Christ today. They discuss … Continued

Episode 8: Supporting LGBTQ Individuals in the Wake of the LDS Church’s New Policy

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Katie Langston interviews Seth Anderson, Michael Ferguson, and John Hamer on what it’s like to grow up gay and Mormon, how Community of Christ has evolved as a denomination to support full inclusion of LGBTQ individuals in North America, and … Continued

Episode 7: God, the Divine Feminine, and Women in Ministry

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Join Robin Linkhart, Brittany Mangelson, and Katie Langston as they respond to the LDS church’s recent essays on women and priesthood and Heavenly Mother. The panel draws on concepts from both the Restoration and the broader Christian tradition to explore … Continued

Episode 5: An Interview with Community of Christ’s Prophet-President, Stephen Veazey

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In this episode, Josh Mangelson interviews Stephen Veazey, the prophet-president of Community of Christ. Listen in as they talk about Steve’s life and ministry, the Community of Christ, and priesthood in the church. As a bonus, in episode 5A, we … Continued

Episode 3: Redefining Faith

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Join John Hamer and Miles Fuller in an exploration of how believers can navigate Restoration faith apart from institutional definitions and culture. This means something more than just “cafeteria Mormonism”—which might fall within the ruts of traditional definitions, even if … Continued

Extra Shot Episode 2: Book Discussion — Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time

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Who is the “historical Jesus” and does he differ from the Christ of faith? What does it mean to follow Jesus in a time when historical criticism and scholarship calls into question religious narratives that have persisted for centuries?  In … Continued