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  1. Kim

    Thanks so much, Pam and Karin, for this enlightening conversation. I loved the historical context of the Magi, as well as the ideas shared regarding how to celebrate Epiphany with families/kids, and Pam’s comments about darkness and light. “We become what we gaze upon” . . . . Great job, ladies!

  2. Carman Thompson

    Joan and I are currently in Spain on a World Service Corps opportunity. Here, Epiphany has strong and wonderful traditions associated with it. January 6 is a national holiday and most stores close. On January 5, there are parades in each community featuring Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar on floats who generously give candy and other gifts to the children. It is also the tradition here that the 3 kings give gifts to the children on Epiphany, and not Santa Claus on Christmas. The king cake or Roscon de Reyes is also an important part of the celebration. I need to learn more about the traditions around the cake, but people have been ordering their cakes all week and perhaps earlier. They look really intriguing and delicious.

    Thanks for sharing this podcast on Epiphany.

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