Episode 1: The Restoration from 20,000 Feet

Episode 2: Spirituality, Religion, and Prophetic Voice

Episode 3: Redefining Faith

Episode 4: Grace vs. Shame

Episode 5: An Interview with Community of Christ’s Prophet-President, Stephen Veazey

Episode 5A: Bonus Audio with Prophet-President Stephen Veazey

Episode 6: Is Josephine Lyon the Daughter of Joseph Smith?

Episode 7: God, the Divine Feminine, and Women in Ministry

Episode 8: Supporting LGBTQ Individuals in the Wake of the LDS Church’s New Policy

Episode 9: Community of Christ Millennials

Episode 10: Faith Transitions Interviews Katie Langston

Episode 11: Jesus or Joseph?

Episode 12: Exploring Restoration Heritage and Community of Christ Distinctives

Episode 13: An Interview with Linda Booth, President of Community of Christ’s Council of 12

Episode 14: How to Navigate a Marriage after a Faith Transition with Monica and John English

Episode 15: Dale Luffman and The Book of Mormon’s Witness to Its First Readers

Episode 16: Q&A with President Steve Veazey

Episode 17: Unity in Diversity

Episode 18: Talking Productively about Faith Transitions

Episode 19: Faith, Activism, and Courage with Dr. Vivian Jenkins-Nelsen

Episode 20: Faith Transitions Interviews Brittany Mangelson

Episode 21: Sean Langdon and Community of Christ Youth Ministries

Episode 22: Lachlan Mackay — A Peace Gene Isolated

Episode 23: Erin Cavanaugh — President of GALA

Episode 24: Going Forward as a Millennial in Community of Christ with Emily Rose

Episode 25: Faith Transitions Interviews Josh Mangelson

Episode 26: Gayle Humphrey – God Loves Me Unconditionally

Episode 27: Raising Kids in a Non-Fundamentalist Faith Paradigm

Episode 28: Community of Christ World Service Corp. and the LDS Mission Program

Episode 29: Darren Goble

Episode 30: Percolating on Faith – What is Scripture?

Episode 31: Catching up with Josh and Brittany’s Story Joining Community of Christ

Episode 32: World Conference Mini-Interview Compilation

Episode 33: Percolating on Faith – Salvation

Episode 34: Wallace B. Smith

Episode 35: Marjorie and Richard Troeh – The Changing of Women’s Roles in Community of Christ

Episode 36: Richard Howard – Emeritus Church Historian

Episode 37: Percolating on Faith – Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Episode 38: Sitting Down for a Chat with JoAnn Fisher

Episode 39: Graceland University

Episode 40: Problem of Evil-Suffering with John Hamer

Episode 41: Percolating on Faith – The Trinity

Episode 42: Why Hospitality with John Wight and Russ Pirie

Episode 43: Race in the Church with Bill Russell

Episode 44: Percolating on Faith – The Book of Mormon

Episode 45: Becky Savage – A Conversation with the First Woman in the First Presidency

Episode 46: Percolating on Faith – Sexuality

Episode 47: Community of Christ Sings with Meggan Molgard

Episode 48: Andrew Bolton – Can a Peace Church Claim the Book of Mormon as Scripture

Episode 49: Temples in Community of Christ Heritage with Bethany Lloyd

Episode 50: Laura and David Bolton – Joseph Smith Historic Sites Directors in Nauvoo

Episode 51: Holy Grounds – Spiritual Practices

Episode 52: Community of Christ Sings with Jan Kraybill

Episode 53: Percolating on Faith – Faith and Doubt

Episode 54: Nancy Ross

Episode 55: Stassi Cramm

Episode 56: Community of Christ Sings with Joey Williams

Episode 57: Eco-Feminism with Priscilla Eppinger

Episode 58: Community Place with Alfredo Zelaya-Martinez

Episode 59: Community of Christ History in Utah with Seth Bryant

Episode 60: Janné Grover

Episode 61: Common Grounds – Lent

Episode 62: Liturgical Calendar Overview with Jane Gardner

Episode 63: Spiritual Practices for Families with Monica Bradford

Episode 64: Bible and Empire

Episode 65: Percolating on Faith – Paul

Episode 66: Scott Murphy – Holy Grounds

Episode 67: Dance as a Spiritual Practice with Noelle Gaffka

Episode 68: Palm Sunday with Christian Skoorsmith

Episode 69: Maundy Thursday with Pam Cress

Episode 70: Good Friday through Easter with Judy and Dale Luffman

Episode 71: Prophets of the Bible

Episode 72: Percolating on Faith – The Three Eras

Episode 73: Ron Harmon – Leading Congregations in Mission

Episode 74: Art Smith – Haiti

Episode 75: Amy Cartwright

Episode 76: Pentecost – Common Grounds

Episode 77: Ordinary Time with Janné Grover – Common Grounds

Episode 78: Trinity Sunday – Common Grounds

Episode 79: One True Church – Percolating on Faith

Episode 80: Different Philosophical Approaches to Religion – A Response to Radio Free Mormon

Episode 81: Meggan Molgard Interview

Episode 82: Spiritual and Missional Practices and Relational Ministry with Larry McGuire

Episode 83: Word of Wisdom in Community of Christ and Intoxicants with Lachlan Mackay

Episode 84: Percolating on Faith – Why Jesus?

Episode 85: Common Grounds – World Worship with Art Smith

Episode 86: Percolating on Faith – A Watered Down, Liberal, Protestant What?

Episode 87: Children and Youth Ministries with Janné Grover

Episode 88: Common Grounds – World Worship with Richard Betts

Episode 89: Faith Journey and Community with Robert Cook

Episode 90: Advent with Barbara Borkowski – Common Grounds

Episode 91: Let’s Talk Harvey Weinstein

Episode 92: Mission, Ministry, and the 21st Century

Episode 93: Millenials in the Church with Mike Hoffman

Episode 94: Mormon Women at Divinity School

Episode 95: Percolating on Faith – Spirituality and Theology

Episode 96: Fowler’s Stages of Faith with Nancy Ross

Episode 97: Steve Shields Interview – Part 1

Episode 98: Steve Shields Interview – Part 2

Episode 99: Book of Revelation – Percolating on Faith

Episode 100: Invitation and Hospitality

Episode 101: Faith Transition with Alison Baines

Episode 102: Encounter with Brian Carwana

Episode 103: Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Heidi Vawdrey

Episode 104: Succession with Lach, Linda, and John


Extra Shot Episodes


Extra Shot Episode 1: Fireflies – Let the Spirit Breathe

Extra Shot Episode 2: Book Discussion — Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time

Extra Shot Episode 3: Robin Linkhart’s Calling to the Council of Twelve

Extra Shot Episode 4: How Jesus’ Gospel Dismantles Patriarchy

Extra Shot Episode 5: On Darkness and Falling Trees

Extra Shot Episode 6: Christmas Hope for the Brokenhearted

Extra Shot Episode 7: Project Zion Sunstone Panel

Extra Shot Episode 8: The Important Things

Extra Shot Episode 9: Do You Love Me?

Extra Shot Episode 10: Percolating on Faith Introduction

Extra Shot Episode 11: Having the Faith to Doubt

Extra Shot Episode 12: World Conference Translators with Jyotshna Gomanga and Herenui Tepava

Extra Shot Episode 13: Spectacular 2016

Extra Shot Episode 14: Go Fund Mission with Richard Betts

Extra Shot Episode 15: Increase Our Faith

Extra Shot Episode 16 – Holy Grounds – Ginelle Sakima Roberts

Extra Shot Episode 17: Mary the Magnificat

Extra Shot Episode 18: Holy Grounds – David Brock

Extra Shot Episode 19: Born of Water and Wind

Extra Shot Episode 20: Woman at the Well – Confirmation

Extra Shot Episode 21: Dustin Davis – Holy Grounds

Extra Shot Episode 22: Kassandra Unger – Holy Grounds

Extra Shot Episode 23: Holy Grounds with Brittany Longsdorf

Extra Shot Episode 24: Tom Morain

Extra Shot Episode 25: On Wells and Worrying

Extra Shot Episode 26: Common Grounds – Jason Eyre

Extra Shot Episode 27: Common Grounds – Jessica Hansen

Extra Shot Episode 28: Who is Jesus to You?

Extra Shot Episode 29: Forward with Community

Extra Shot Episode 30: Holy Grounds with Ron Harmon

Extra Shot Episode 31: All Saints’ Day Part 1 – Common Grounds with Daniel Rose

Extra Shot Episode 32: All Saints Day Part 2 – Common Grounds with Lachlan MacKay

Extra Shot Episode 33: Reign of Christ Sunday – Common Grounds

Extra Shot Episode 34: Christmas with the Davidsons

Extra Shot Episode 35: Epiphany with Pam Cress – Common Grounds